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Tasmantid Seamounts of Australia
The ocean floor is the Earth’s last great frontier, full of great mountain ranges and deep chasms that are largely unexplored. Just 150-600 km east of the Australian mainland is a 2000 km long chain of submerged volcanoes that rise over 4000 m above the seafloor - nearly twice the height of the highest mountain on the mainland. These undersea mountains, the Tasmantid Seamounts, are extinct volcanoes formed from around 40 until 6 million years ago above a mantle hotspot, similar to the Hawaiian Islands.
Zenith Plateau as the final resting place for MH370
The underwater search for the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 has become focused on the Zenith Plateau in the eastern Indian Ocean, lying about 1000 km to its nearest point on the Western Australia coast, or 1685 km north-west of Perth. The plateau is surrounded by the extensive Wharton Basin to the west and north, joins to the Quokka Rise and Wallaby (or Cuvier) Plateau to the east, and is bounded to the south by the Perth Abyssal Plain.