Exploration & Discovery of Australia’s Oceans
May 08, 2008

Rob-Beaman-3Deepreef Explorer is the website for Dr Robin Beaman and the scientists working to reveal the underwater landscape and seabed habitats of Australia’s regional seas, from the warm tropical Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea, to the icy polar waters of Antarctica.

Look through the Projects section which showcases the latest ocean mapping research and discoveries, or visit the Gallery to view and download images and maps from our various projects and expeditions.

For a range of published literature about these projects, including in-depth scientific articles, reports and conference papers about this research, you can access them from the Publications lists.

To view and download seafloor depth data in a range of media formats, go to the Bathymetry menu. Visit the Technology pages to learn about the variety of tools used to study the ocean floor and water.

Contact marine geologist Dr Robin Beaman if you want to ask any questions about the research, or visit his Biography, and to follow Rob’s Blog about recent ocean mapping events within Australia’s marine region.

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Dr. Robin Beaman

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