Great Barrier Reef bathymetry
July 06, 2010

This dataset provides the high-resolution bathymetry model of the Great Barrier Reef, called gbr100, an output of Project 3D-GBR. The ~100 metre-resolution gridded bathymetry dataset covers an area of about 3,000,000 km2, from the Gulf of Papua to northern New South Wales, and easterly into the offshore Coral Sea. This page provides the data in a range of formats for public download.

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Additional content (xyz data, ESRI, GMT, Caris grids, Google Earth kml) can be obtained at the Geoscience Australia ecat website. Users can also access the AusSeabed Marine Data Portal to do Clip, Zip and Ship on the equivalent ‘Great Barrier Reef Bathymetry 2020 – 100m’ layer within Bathymetry-Compilations.

If using the data for publications, please quote the following reference:

  • Beaman, R.J., 2010. Project 3D-GBR: A high-resolution depth model for the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. Marine and Tropical Sciences Research Facility (MTSRF) Project 2.5i.1a Final Report, MTSRF, Cairns, Australia, pp. 13 plus Appendix 1. (internal link to report)

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