Shedding light on the sea floor
August 13, 2010

Authors: Post, A.L., Beaman, R.J. and Riddle, M.J.

Year: 2010

Publication: Australian Antarctic Magazine 18, 13-14. Australian Antarctic Division, Hobart, Australia.


In 2007–08 scientists from Australia, Japan and France set out to survey the marine life and habitats in the region adjacent to Terre Adélie and George V Land in East Antarctica (Australian Antarctic Magazine 14: 2-13, 2008). The Collaborative East Antarctic Marine Census (CEAMARC) – part of Australia’s contribution to the International Polar Year – aimed to understand the processes that have lead to the evolution and survival of marine life existing in the region today, so that scientists can predict how these organisms may respond to future climate-related changes in their environment.

Scientists involved in the census are now finalising the collation and analysis of data and the following pages (13-18) provide an insight into some of the results. The team aims to publish its findings as a series of papers in a special volume of a scientific journal in late 2010.

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