Kerguelen Plateau Bathymetric Grid, November 2010
July 29, 2011

Authors: Beaman, R.J., O’Brien, P.E.

Year: 2011

Publication: Record 2011/22, Geoscience Australia, Canberra, Australia, pp. 18.


The existing regional bathymetric grid of the Kerguelen Plateau, south-west Indian Ocean, was updated using new singlebeam echosounder data from commercial fishing and research voyages, and some new multibeam swath bathymetry data.

Source bathymetry data varies from International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) S44 Order 1a to 2. The source data were subjected to area-based editing to remove data spikes, then combined with the previous Sexton (2005) grid to produce a new grid with a resolution of 0.001-arcdegree. Satellite-derived datasets were used to provide island topography and to fill in areas of no data.

The new grid improves the resolution of morphological features observed in earlier grids, including submarine volcanic hills on the top of the Kerguelen Plateau and a complex of submarine channels draining the southern flank of the bank on which Heard Island sits.

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