Charting the depths
October 23, 2015

Authors: Beaman, R.J.

Year: 2015

Publication: Discover Magazine 9(2), 20. James Cook University, Townsville, Australia.


Looking where few have looked before, a JCU researcher has completed detailed 3D depth maps of Australia’s Coral Sea reefs.

Dr Robin Beaman’s work has shed new light on the likely distribution of coral diversity and sea life in the area.

Mapping these offshore reefs has always been a challenge, because their remote locations and shallow nature has meant it has been difficult to use modern surveying techniques, such as vessel-mounted echo sounders.

Instead, Dr Beaman has worked with the German Earth observation company, EOMAP and used satellite imagery to develop 3D bathymetry (or depth) data over a large group of Coral Sea reefs.

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