Crowdsourced bathymetry – Australian Node
July 17, 2019

Author: Beaman, R.J.

Year: 2019

Publication: Crowdsourced bathymetry – Australian Node, AusSeabed Workshop No. 5, 12 July 2019. AusSeabed, Fremantle, Australia.


The Crowdsourced bathymetry on the Great Barrier Reef project has been running for just over six months and currently has seven volunteer vessels collecting singlebeam depth data throughout the GBR, using the SmartLog data loggers installed onboard. Data quality is very impressive, while collecting over 10,000 line km of data comprising depth soundings every 2 seconds.

This project is laying the groundwork as the Australian Node for crowdsourced bathymetry data collection elsewhere. The lessons learnt in the Great Barrier Reef will be shared through the AusSeabed community to expand the take-up of crowdsourced bathymetry in other parts of Australia. The bathymetry data collected will be shared both nationally and internationally.

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