RV Investigator Voyage Report IN2019_T02
March 06, 2020

Authors: Beaman, R.J.

Year: 2019

Publication: RV Investigator Voyage Summary IN2019_T02, Hobart, Australia, pp. 39.


This transit voyage from Brisbane to Darwin consisted of five individual supplementary projects, along with an additional four piggyback projects, which were undertaken during the 48 hours of science time allocated, either while the vessel was transiting or on station.

Mapping of submarine canyons and landslides occurred along the vessel’s entire transit along the GBR margin, and detailed site surveys were conducted at three sites of interest. Each waypoint of the voyage track was chosen specifically in order to further fill in gaps in bathymetric data along the voyage route.

Six CTD stations were conducted, along with underway seawater sampling across the duration of the transit. Trichodesmium samples were collected at all six CTD stations, and 2x BGC-Argo floats were deployed at the first CTD station.

Seabird and marine mammal observations occurred continuously during daylight hours across the entire duration of the transit.

The Wessel Marine Park project aimed to acquire seabed and habitat data using multibeam and towed imagery to further understand and manage a data-poor marine park. This survey focussed on an interesting geological hole feature, completing its high-resolution mapping and identifying a highly localised community of habitat-forming suspension feeders around the edge and slope of the hole. In addition, onboard Parks Australia staff shared our results with the local Traditional Owner who expressed strong interest and appreciation for seeing her Sea Country first-hand.

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