A new carnivorous sponge (Porifera) from the Coral Sea
February 01, 2021

Authors: Ekins, M., Horowitz, J., Beaman, R.J., Hooper, J.N.A.

Year: 2021

Publication: A new carnivorous sponge (Porifera) from the Coral Sea. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum – Nature 62, 205-215. doi: 10.17082/j.2204-1478.62.2021.2020-06


A new species of carnivorous sponge, Lycopodina coralseaensis sp. nov., family Cladorhizidae, is described from the Louisiade Plateau, Coral Sea, off the east coast of Australia at bathyal depths of ~2000 m, collected during the RV Investigator 2019 voyage. The new species differs from other Lycopodina with stipitate morphology by lacking forceps microscleres, similar to L. nikitawimandi Ekins et al., 2020a but differing in having only a very small single size class of palmate anisochelae, and most importantly by having a third category of mycalostyle echinating the stem and basal holdfast. This new species is the sixth Lycopodina recently described as new from the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone (L. nikitawimandi, L. helios, L. cassida, L. brochidodroma and L. hystrix), bringing the total number of carnivorous sponges known so far from Australia to 26.

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Memoirs of the Queensland Museum – Nature

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