Dr. Robin Beaman

Robin BeamanAustralia, as an island nation, is very dependent on its regional seas for tourism, maritime trade, petroleum and fisheries resources. Despite this importance, vast areas of the seafloor within Australia's marine jusisdiction remain unmapped, both on the shallow shelf and in the deep ocean.

My role as a marine geologist is to drive and influence the ocean mapping science required to unlock the secrets of Australia's underwater landscape. Ocean mapping science can help reveal the geological origin of the seafloor and explain the distribution of important seabed habitats and marine life.

My research goal is to understand the long-term geological and physical processes that have influenced key geomorphic features of the seabed, both in shallow shelf and offshore deeper waters, and to study the relationships between those seabed habitats and their associated marine life.

Research projects range from the study of submarine canyons, underwater landslides, submerged reefs, paleo-channels, algal bioherms, cold-water corals, mesophotic (twilight) coral ecosystems, seamounts, tsunami modelling and habitat mapping.

These projects use geographic information systems, multibeam and singlebeam echosounders, lidar, sidescan sonar, shallow seismic profilers, photogrammetry, underwater camera imagery, satellite imagery and sediment sampling instruments.

I want to share with you the excitement of scientific discovery in the ocean, and help to create a more ocean-literate society through this website. Please contact me directly if you want more information about our research projects or techniques.