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New 3D bathymetry (depth) model of Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea

A new 3D bathymetry (depth) model of the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea at ~100 m resolution, called ‘gbr100’, is now available at the gbr100 download page.

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Scientists discover a 500-metre-tall coral reef on the Great Barrier Reef

Australian scientists have discovered a massive detached coral reef just off Cape York on the Great Barrier Reef that’s taller than the Empire State Building or the Sydney Tower.

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2020 World Hydrography Day

The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and its international members celebrate World Hydrography Day every year on June 21. This year, we mark nearly a fifth of the world's entire ocean floor has been mapped, with new seafloor mapping data equating to an area twice the size of Australia being added to the latest GEBCO grid.

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RV Falkor - Visioning the Coral Sea Marine Park

The Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) research vessel Falkor conducted the "Visioning the Coral Sea Marine Park" expedition form 29 April to 12 June 2020 over the Queensland Plateau, within the Coral Sea Marine Park. See the cruise page at:

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Welcome to NQ Hire Boats crowdsourced bathy data

NQ Hire Boats have become the latest volunteer vessel to contribute valuable citizen science bathymetry (depth) data for the 'Crowdsourced bathymetry on the Great Barrier Reef' project.

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