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Visualising 3D point clouds in PointBox

With the proliferation of 3D point clouds generated by terrestrial and bathymetric lidar, multibeam sonar and photogrammetry methods, the visualising of these 3D point clouds online is becoming more important for end-users, and easier.

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Aboriginal settlement in Australia was no accident

James Cook University researchers working to solve the mystery of how Aboriginal people first reached Australia say the earliest people didn’t get here by accident, but made deliberate voyages to reach the new land.

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Undersea maps reveal GBR in unprecedented detail

High-resolution seafloor maps released today show 1.5 million square kilometres of Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef in unprecedented detail.

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Map the Gaps, a GEBCO Symposium on Bathymetry

This week was the very successful Map the Gaps, a GEBCO Symposium on Bathymetry, held in Busan, South Korea. The symposium theme was "The world’s oceans are being mapped, one sounding at a time. Join us and hear from technologists, innovators, researchers and makers about mapping the last frontier: our oceans".

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Mapping the Great Barrier Reef with cameras, drones and NASA tech

New and old technologies reveal what's killing Australia's great marine wonder.

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