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Reef mapping by Kathy McLeish ABC

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's most studied ecosystems, but its depths still hold many surprises. Some of those could help scientists understand how the reef could have responded to past climate change events, and how resilient it might be in the future.

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On board the 'super science ship' uncovering secrets of the deep

Take a tour of Australia's newest research vessel—the 94-metre-long, 10-storey, $120 million RV Investigator.

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Navy data reveals the reef behind the Reef

James Cook University, University of Sydney and Queensland University of Technology scientists working with laser data from the Royal Australian Navy have revealed a vast reef behind the familiar Great Barrier Reef.

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Ocean floor to be mapped by 2030

The first Forum for Future of the Ocean Floor Mapping was held in Monaco from 15 to 17 June 2016. Some 200 delegates gathered, under the flag of General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO), to discuss the future of the mapping of the ocean floor, aiming to come up with a roadmap towards 100% coverage of a mapped ocean floor.

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How deep are the oceans?

In the beginning, systematic mapping of ocean depth was conducted mainly for the safety of shipping routes and remained very limited in its scope. Now, however, better maps of the ocean floor are needed for a wide variety of applications, including coastal protection, tsunami forecast, fisheries, conservation of marine species, and sustainable use of mineral resources. Michael Gross reports.

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