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How deep are the oceans?

In the beginning, systematic mapping of ocean depth was conducted mainly for the safety of shipping routes and remained very limited in its scope. Now, however, better maps of the ocean floor are needed for a wide variety of applications, including coastal protection, tsunami forecast, fisheries, conservation of marine species, and sustainable use of mineral resources. Michael Gross reports.

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Tides Workshop at Bureau of Meteorology Adelaide

The Tidal Unit, Bureau of Meteorology conducted their Tides Workshop in Adelaide from 16 to 18 May 2016. The Permanent Committee for Tides and Mean Sea Level (PCTMSL) and BOM sponsored the tides workshop, aiming to raise the level of tidal knowledge of those people involved in marine operations, hydrographic surveying and data collection.

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Cairns hotel beer garden to toast Reef premiere

The long-awaited premiere of Sir David Attenborough’s landmark documentary about the Great Barrier Reef will take place in true Far North Queensland style in the beer garden of a Cairns pub. The Courthouse Hotel will host a special screening of the documentary on its big outdoor screen when it airs tomorrow night.

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Queensland Coastline Capture project images

Aerial images were captured during the Queensland Coastline Capture project in 2013/2014 within the Torres Strait and northern Great Barrier Reef, using a Vexcel UltraCamX large format digital aerial camera.

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Drones helping save world's biggest green sea turtle nesting site at Raine Island

In a Queensland first, drones are being used to help save the world's biggest nesting site for green sea turtles.

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