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Queensland Coastline Capture project images

Aerial images were captured during the Queensland Coastline Capture project in 2013/2014 within the Torres Strait and northern Great Barrier Reef, using a Vexcel UltraCamX large format digital aerial camera.

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Drones helping save world's biggest green sea turtle nesting site at Raine Island

In a Queensland first, drones are being used to help save the world's biggest nesting site for green sea turtles.

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The Last Sea Treasure

The Australian Marine Conversation Society has commissioned a beautiful movie called 'The Last Sea Treasure' – a short documentary by Bluebottle Films about the extraordinary Coral Sea, and the social and economic value it brings to tourism and the coastal communities of Queensland.

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Living fossils and rare corals revealed in the deep Coral Sea

An investigation of previously unexplored depths of Australia’s Coral Sea has revealed living fossils, rare corals and sponges, and ecosystems that have remained largely unchanged for millions of years.

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Major IMAS Investigator voyage to study impact of submarine volcanoes on ocean ecosystems

CSIRO’s Marine National Facility research vessel Investigator will depart Fremantle tomorrow (Friday 8 January) on its longest voyage to date to research the link between active volcanoes on the seafloor and the mobilisation of iron which enriches and supports life in the Southern Ocean.

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