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3D PDFs for bathymetry data

There are many free software applications to view 3D bathymetry data, such as the QPS iView4D, CARIS EasyView or FugroViewer. In sharing our 3D geospatial data, we have found there is reluctance by some clients to download these software packages so as to view the data. We have been experimenting with making 3D PDFs of the data, which can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Submerged volcano cluster found off the coast of Sydney

Australia's new ocean-going research vessel RV Investigator has discovered extinct volcanoes about 250 kilometres off the coast of Sydney in 4,900 metres of water. Professor Richard Arculus, from the ANU Research School of Earth Sciences, an igneous petrologist and a world-leading expert on volcanoes said these particular types of volcanoes are windows into the seafloor.

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Robotic torpedoes help map our corals on Great Barrier Reef

Robotic torpedoes that are being trialled on the Great Barrier Reef are revolutionising the way scientists view the underwater world. A team of researchers from Macquarie University, the University of Sydney, James Cook University and the University of St Andrews in Scotland have this week launched two autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) shaped like torpedoes into the water to map the shallow-water corals off Lizard Island.

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Creating the first map of the world's ocean floor

The ability to imagine the contours of the ocean floor led cartographer Marie Tharp to forever change our understanding of the forces shaping the planet. Revealed to the world in 1977, this is the first map of the Earth's ocean floor. Today we know more about the topography of the Moon and Mars than we do about our own planet's sea floor.

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3D satellite mapping of Coral Sea reefs

A James Cook University researcher in Cairns has completed detailed 3D depth maps of Australia’s Coral Sea reefs, shedding new light on the likely distribution of coral diversity and sea life in the area.

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