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ESRI Story Map - James Cook and Cape York, Australia

In 1770 during Lieut James Cook's exploration of Australia's east coast, the vessel Endeavour ran aground on a coral reef offshore of southern Cape York, which he called 'The Labyrinth' - today known as the Great Barrier Reef.

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How a handful of USB sticks are revealing the secrets of the GBR

Read the full story "How a handful of USB sticks are revealing the secrets of the Great Barrier Reef", published by Computerworld on 07 June 2019.

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Pint of Science - Mapping the deep GBR

The Pint of Science Festival was held across Australia from 11-13 May 2019. Dr Robin Beaman presented a talk on "Mapping the deep Great Barrier Reef" at the Macalister Brewing Company in Cairns.

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Citizen scientists to help map the Reef

James Cook University is calling for volunteers to help map the seafloor around the Great Barrier Reef to better protect the natural icon.

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Seeing more of Australia's seafloor

Fields of hidden volcanoes, canyons that cut through the continental shelf and oceanic plateaus that rise more than a thousand metres from the deep sea to the surface are just some of the features revealed in never-before-seen detail by new high-resolution bathymetry datasets, now publicly available on the AusSeabed Marine Data Portal.

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