High accuracy multibeam training course at Port of Brisbane
November 23, 2014

Acoustic Imaging conducted their 3rd Annual High Accuracy Multibeam Training Course in Brisbane from 17 to 21 Nov 2014. Doug and Nicole Bergersen from Acoustic Imaging and Richard Hill from QPS provided the instruction, together with co-hosting from the Port of Brisbane at the Port Office and Visitors Centre.

multibeam courseDoug Bergersen from Acoustic ImagingThe course focused on:

  • Techniques for validating survey geodetics and isolating system problems.
  • Essential QC tools for data acquisition.
  • Advances in data processing and presentation workflows.
  • Methods for establishing a bathymetry and backscatter database for long-term survey management.
  • Guide for logging and processing backscatter and water column data to be used for environmental assessment.

The workshop was well attended with a mix of Australian government, defence, private and academic surveyors.

The highlight for me was seeing the great software tools available for extracting multibeam backscatter and watercolumn data. Also, the sharing of diverse ocean mapping experiences from the wide range of people attending the course.

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