David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef – An Interactive Journey
January 03, 2016

David Attenborough and Atlantic Productions have teamed up with scientists and academic institutions from around the world to create David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef: An Interactive Journey

Using immersive experiences, cutting-edge science and many compelling short films, David Attenborough takes you on a journey of exploration across the Great Barrier Reef on board a state of the art research vessel and a unique submersible.

The site is freely accessible to the public and through it anyone is able to experience the reef through the eyes of one of the world’s greatest living naturalists. Combining David Attenborough’s powerful storytelling with inventive interactive experiences, this online journey will educate and engage the user.

With scientific input from research institutions including the Australian Institute of Marine Science, James Cook University and the University of Queensland, the user will discover the beautiful diversity on the reef and uncover the incredible research being done to decode it.

Dr Robin Beaman from James Cook University contributed to the 3D visualisation of the GBR in the YouTube video: ‘Revealing the Ancient Reef at attenboroughsreef.com’

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