Visualising 3D point clouds in PointBox
June 04, 2018

With the proliferation of 3D point clouds generated by terrestrial and bathymetric lidar, multibeam sonar and photogrammetry methods, the visualising of these 3D point clouds online is becoming more important for end-users, and easier.

pointbox raineis3D point cloud of Raine IslandThere are now many companies providing cloud-based solutions to host and visualise large 3D point cloud datasets, such as Pointerra and 4DMapper. Other cloud-based sites that are free to upload smaller 3D point clouds include Sketchfab and Pointscene.

Here we have used PointBox, which uses Potree – open-source WebGL based point cloud renderer – to host 3D point clouds of several Great Barrier Reef islands, the Yongala wreck and coral reef, all done by photogrammetry:

Link to Raine Island in PointBox

Link to Moulter Cay in PointBox

Link to Yongala wreck in PointBox

Link to Harry’s Bommie in PointBox

Note, these are best viewed with the browser Chrome, and allow the screen time to refresh after moving the model, as there are millions of points to be visualised.

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