Exploring the deep GBR using AUV and multibeam data
December 01, 2008

Authors: Bridge, T., Webster, J., Beaman, R., Davies, P., Williams, S., Pizarro, O., Woolsey, E., Abbey, E., Done, T.

Year: 2008

Publication: H. Neil and D. Tracey (Editors), 4th International Symposium on Deep-Sea Corals, 1-5 December 2008. National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, Wellington, New Zealand.


Drowned Reefs have been identified on continental shelves and around oceanic islands in many parts of the world, including Barbados (Fairbanks, 1989), Papua New Guinea (Webster et al, 2004c), Hawaii (Webster et al, 2004a) and Tahiti (Camoin et al 2006, Camoin et al 2007). In 2007, an expedition on board the RV Southern Surveyor explored shelf-edge reef and terrace features at 4 different sites along the GBR margin in depths of 40-160 m. Multibeam swath mapping and dredge sampling was combined with high-resolution images obtained by Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to provide the most complete study ever undertaken of the GBR shelf edge. This poster focuses on one of these locations: Hydrographers Passage in the central GBR.

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