AUV multibeam in support of research into cyclone disturbance on coral reefs
March 15, 2012

Authors: Beaman, R.J.

Year: 2012

Publication: In: Cantrill, O.J. (Editor), SSSI Qld Hydro – Coping with Nature, 14 March 2012. Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) Hydrography Commission, Brisbane, Australia


Autonomous underwater vehicles or AUVs are increasingly being used for exploring and mapping seafloor habitats. This seminar describes the AUV Sirius from the Australian Centre for Field Robotics, which was used in July 2011 to help study the effects of Cyclone Yasi on coral reefs in the central Great Barrier Reef.

The primary function of the AUV was to provide georeferenced, high-resolution optical imagery of the seafloor marine life. An additional payload was the inclusion of an Imagenix multibeam swath system for acquiring high-density bathymetry data while the vehicle was traversing over the substrate.

This seminar provides a detailed look at some of the issues to do with post-processing AUV multibeam data, and presents preliminary results of the data products available from these advanced underwater technologies.

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