Morphometric analysis of the submarine landslides in the central Great Barrier Reef margin, north-eastern Australia
May 20, 2016

Authors: López-Cabrera, F.J., Puga-Bernabéu, A., Webster, J.M., Beaman, R.J.

Year: 2016

Publication: GEOGACETA 60, 43-46.


The morphometric characterization of the submarine landslides on a mixed siliciclastic-carbonate margin, the Great Barrier Reef (NE Australia), is presented in this study.

The landslides cover about the 27% of the slope in the study region, removing in some examples up to 33 km3 of sediment.

Spearman rank correlation coefficients show meaningful correlations among landslide size parameters.

However, there is no relationship between the unfailed slope in the source area and the size of the landslide.

The mobility of the landslides is within the normal range observed in other submarine landslides worldwide.

The results of this study represent a preliminary step to understand the sedimentary processes, preconditioning factors and triggering mechanisms for submarine landslide generation in mixed margins.

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