CEAMARC Expedition on board the Aurora Australis: from sampling to MPAs
April 27, 2012

Authors: Ozouf-Costaz, C., Améziane, N., Eléaume, M., Beaman, R., Hosie, G., Lecointre, G., Riddle, M.

Year: 2012

Publication: International Polar Year 2012 Conference, 22-27 Apr 2012, Montreal, Canada


The Census for Antarctic Marine Life (CAML) aimed to investigate the distribution and abundance of Antarctic marine biodiversity and how it will be affected by climate change. It was a major ship-based research programme in the austral summer of 2007-2008 involving scientists from 30 countries and 19 vessels. The Collaborative East Antarctic MARine Census (CEAMARC, IPY Project No. 53) was a multinational contribution to CAML involving scientists and students from several nations using three ships from Australia (R.V. Aurora Australis), Japan (R.V. Umitaka Maru) and France (R.V. Astrolabe) surveying the same area.

This collaboration was a highly coordinated and comprehensive survey of the continental shelf, from the surface to the bottom. On board the Aurora Australis, fish, benthos, oceanography and geophysical conditions of the waters north of Terre Adélie and George V Land were more specifically studied. Here we focus on nearbottom dwelling fish and benthos biodiversity.

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